Hello World!

I’m back in Object Oriented Programming I, and came so close to deciding to drop it again this semester, even though it’s the only class I’m taking. I wanted to focus solely on this, and get it right, after the fiasco of Winter Semester 2016.

My luck hasn’t really changed, in some ways. When I scheduled the class, I was under the mistaken belief that the text book being used was the same text book that I already had, the one I purchased for a prior programming class. I was under that mistaken belief because that was the book listed by the bookstore. They were wrong, I was wrong, the class has changed, mostly for the better, by now using C#.

This meant, of course, that I needed to scrounge around for $160 for a text book. A paperback textbook. Damn you, Pearson…

Laptop, paperback text, box of ginger candies, sunglasses on a table by the window looking into the woods.
This is $160 worth of text book!

The bookstore did not have the book on order. I had to wait a couple of days, because I didn’t have funds until… (story of my life these days) and then Amazon and ALL THE OTHER ONLINE AND LOCAL SELLERS did not have the text book either. The professor extended the deadline, knowing that most of us could not purchase the book until they arrived. I ordered mine when I could, but didn’t receive the notice that the book was in until AFTER the bookstore had closed for the weekend that the first assignment was due. I attempted the first assignment, failing, but turning it in eight minutes late. Which meant it was not accepted, because the professor, while VERY fair, has a strict policy, about which she is very clear.

Now, the lowest grade DOES get dropped, but this means that I have absolutely no wiggle room if I want to maintain my 4.0! Because my dropped grade needs to be the zero.

I thought about withdrawing, but we only get three attempts at a class, and this counts as my second attempt. Without this class, I can’t continue as a Programming and Analysis major, because it is the back bone of so many things to come, and a prerequisite for the rest.

My GPA can go wherever it goes.

I turned in the second project a day early, and made a 95.

I came down with the flu two nights before the third project was due. A really nasty flu. Like H1N1.

I was too sick to go to work. But little by little that Saturday morning I completed assignment three and turned it in, again, the day before it was due. I made a 100. Woo hoo!

I still have the flu, though MOST of the symptoms have passed. All but the nasty cramps and diarrhea… Yeah, TMI. Sorry.

Then the first quiz…

Have I bitched lately about the satellite internet “service” we have in our house? Satellite. Don’t do it unless the only alternative is dial up or nothing.

So, to be safe, and ensure that I could finish the test in the allotted time, I trekked to the nearest library to use their internet. Guess what? They are closed until August. Seriously?

Another ten to fifteen mile drive to the library “in town” and I was able to take the exam with only a little background of babies crying and people talking.

I made a 96.

When it was C++, everything was in lines or ASCII at best. Now, with C#, we have forms, can insert pictures, and have graphic user interface built into the programs we are designing. So it is more fun, though Microsoft Visual is still not without its glitches and tiny aggravations. But for the most part, I’m making it work. But one thing that didn’t change? The first program in the text book was a program to display the phrase “Hello World.” It wasn’t our first assignment, that had us labeling and mislabeling the stars of the Orion Constellation. (It put the wrong label on Bellatrix. Guess Pearson Publishing is not as versed in star names as J.K. Rowling?) But it was there, in the text book.

Hello, World. I am still here.

(Heading home before the diarrhea rares up again…)


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