The Latest and Greatest

I am sitting on my bed, where a spotted Mini Rex bunny has decided to hop up and join me. We’re not sure if Spotty/Rex/[Insert whatever we’ve decided to call it] is a buck or a doe, though we’ve had the rabbit for several weeks now. The confusion is due to the fact that he/she has exhibited behaviors that could indicate male and female, and rabbits aren’t exactly easy to sex.


Life has been a series of discoveries and losses over the past year or so. We’ve acquired rabbits through a few purchases, a few trades, a gift or two, and bunnies being bunnies, some of them were pregnant when we acquired them, and others have become pregnant since. We’re planning on selling some French Angora bunnies in a few more weeks.



We’ve lost some rabbits. Our best survival rate was six out of seven – the French Angora litter. We also had a litter of eight English Angoras (some of them were mixed with Flemish giant. Oops.) of which four survived.

Between work, two hours + a day of driving, caring for the animals, and the one class I’ve been taking, I have not been keeping up with blogging. I have, however, started the sequel to Dreams and Hypotheticals, and I am beginning to catch that need to write I have been lacking for a while.

The Object Oriented Programming class has also been going very well. I am on track to make another A, with the one remaining project becoming an extra credit assignment, plus the lowest grade being dropped. This time around, it hasn’t felt as stressful. I’m not sure if that is because C# is easier, because I am not having the same issues with my computer and Microsoft Visual that I had in previous semesters, or if the concepts that seem to repeat with each class are finally beginning to sink in.

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, to quote Paul McCartney. Life does go on.


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