Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 16



I’ve abandoned Rob, Janeen, Jake, Susie and Hector far too long. Time to return to their long lost story…

The story begins HERE and you can find links to each part HERE.

We now return to the story you’ve long since stopped caring about, if you ever cared in the first place.

Warning: Not suitable for kids.


It was all going according to plan. Rob was growing obsessed with Susie, Janeen was aware of the situation and had started plotting, but couldn’t seem to focus on a strategy. She hadn’t expected Susie to be the less emotional part of the equation. Jake had chosen well.

Women like Janeen thought they knew everything. They thought they understood human nature. And they thought they walked on water. Even now, Janeen believed she could snap her fingers and have Rob chasing her tail again. She had always over estimated her abilities in bed.

And Rob? Rob was just weak. He had always been weak. He hadn’t deserved Becky. But Becky had been the sort of girl who loved too deeply and gave too much. Nurturing, like Susie, but without the emotional filter Susie had.

Becky had been vulnerable after the loss of their parents. She had trusted the wrong people, too.

Jake’s sister and his best friend had gotten together when his sister turned nineteen and went off to college for the first time. Jake should have seen it coming, should have noticed the way Becky followed them around over the years. He had assumed it was just a little sister thing, or something she would grow out of. But then she had grown into a beautiful young woman, and Rob had noticed.

Their mother had started growing ill, and Rob was there, the shoulder for Becky to cry on, as well as Jake’s long time friend. Jake was too caught up in his own world to see, right up until Rob proposed. Their mother had been thrilled, focusing on wedding planning even as she was growing weaker and dying.

Then Becky brought Janeen home one weekend on a visit from college.

Jake had been taken in at first. That blue-black hair. Her porcelain skin. That snarky, sometimes cruel sense of humor that struck a chord with him… And that ambition. There had been something more there, a steel core under what appeared to be vulnerability. It was enchanting.

Jake couldn’t pinpoint when Rob had started falling for Janeen. He had seemed just as attentive to Becky as ever, right up to the day that he walked out on her. And Janeen? She had never said anything. Sure, she might have found more excuses to stop putting out, but she had never cut him off completely. She seemed to be dropping hints about wanting him to propose. Apparently being engaged to Becky didn’t stop Rob from beating Jake to the punch.


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