Maybe I should rename my blog “How to fail at Life”?

No, obviously I’m not failing at life if I am still alive, but I’m on a roll here, folks.

I haven’t blogged in quite a while – too busy between working, taking care of the animals that didn’t get eaten by predators, driving back and forth to work, driving kids (ahem, my oldest) places…

Now I am sitting in the Honda Dealership where funny noises overhead sound like something may just fall through the roof and crash on top of my head, but I’m thinking I’ll stay put so I can continue to charge my laptop, which is downloading a 5.8GB program for my OOP2 class and also because hey, if something falls on my head, I or my surviving family members may be set for a while, eh?

I am almost 45 years old. I work full time, I go to school half time, I have a bazillion hobbies I don’t keep up with, I wish I could write more than I do, and in the past week, I have killed not one but TWO cars – a 2015 KIA Soul (I had a little help) and a 2011 Honda Odyssey.

The KIA had 67k miles on it. The Oddyssey has 113,100 or so.

The KIA overheated while Adam was driving it, but I put quite a few of those miles on the car, so I claim my part in killing it. They want to sell us a new engine for about $4500, and somehow they have the mistaken idea that we have good enough credit to finance said engine replacement.

The Odyssey… where to begin. It needs a bunch of stuff, per the diagnostic codes, plus new brakes, plus SOMETHING is wrong with the transmission, but with the kind of mileage and the laundry list of what it needs, I’m better off trading it in. So here I sit, using the free wiFi to download my massive program while I wait to see what is going on.

I would say my luck is horrible, but I need to quit saying that. What I am going to say instead is that in 2011, when my ex and I bought the Odyssey, I knew I wanted out of the marriage. I was trying to push for a car rather than a minivan, because I wanted the better gas mileage and smaller payments of something like a Toyota Camry rather than a Honda Odyssey. I was talked into the minivan. So today, there is the very real possibility that I may be driving away in the mid-sized sedan I wanted six and a half years ago, rather than the minivan I was pressured into. With gas prices going up again, the reduction in gas spendings may offset whatever car payments I will have to make.

It’s just a machine, just a tool, but “Homer” served us well for six years. Even after the deer incident of 2015.

I’m trying to stay positive.


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